About Me

Hello – my name is John Thomas Walker and Ill be blogging primarily about my salt and fresh water aquariums and sometimes about my freshwater tank.  I have 3 tanks, a 110 gallon FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) saltwater tank, a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium and a 55 gallon reef tank setup.   Ive been keeping these boxes of water for several years now (approx 12 years) and Im still constantly learning new things about the aquarium hobby.  There is just so much to it and it can be quite fun researching topics your interested in learning about.

Im not sure of the format Ill be using since this is my first blog, but Im looking forward to learning about blogging, talking about the hobby I love and interacting with this blogs visitors (if I get any – haha!).

Enjoy your visit, please comment often and maybe I can help someone else with one of their freshwater or saltwater aquariums.  You never know.

If you have an aquarium related blog, please drop me a line and Ill try to stop by and check it out.  Please consider linking back to this blog and if you do, let me know and Ill try to reciprocate.

I have many ideas in mind for keeping this blog fresh and constantly updated, so lets hope I can stick to this since it is quite fun.  There is a learning curve for tweaking the site layouts.  Hopefully, Ill be able to make modifications quicker once I get the lay of the land.