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Private Sector Ideas to Promote America’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure is not just a government problem. Yes, local, state, and federal governments often plan, finance, and own infrastructure as a public good, but when infrastructures fail, or when short-term focus balloon’s the cost of infrastructure projects, we all pay … Continue reading


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Is Bottled Water a Sustainable Fix?

A Bloomberg article from August 2, 2016 entitled   “Bottled Water to Outsell Soda for the First Time, with Nod to Flint” illustrates growing public skepticism about the health and safety of what comes out of their taps in the … Continue reading

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Water Infrastructure—a Platform Both Parties Can Agree On

With the 2016 Presidential general election quickly approaching, both major party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have finalized the policy platforms for their campaigns.  Although neither party truly took advantage of the opportunity to discuss and promote America’s vital … Continue reading

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