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Update on Flint: Crisis Illustrates Dire Need for Water Infrastructure Funding in Our Cities

By now our readers are at least generally familiar with the public health crisis unfolding in Flint, Michigan, now in a state of emergency declared by President Obama and state officials as a result of residents’ months-long exposure to toxic lead … Continue reading


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EPA Survey Shows $271 Billion Needed for Nation’s Wastewater Infrastructure

Last week the EPA released a survey showing that $271 billion is needed to maintain and improve the nation’s wastewater infrastructure, including the pipes that carry wastewater to treatment plants, the technology that treats the water, and methods for managing stormwater … Continue reading

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Syracuse: Daily Water Main Breaks Posing Monumental Problems

Today we begin our year’s coverage of the numerous and varied water infrastructure challenges faced by local communities in states all over the U.S. by highlighting the situation in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse experienced 372 water main breaks in 2015 … Continue reading

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Triumph: Congress Allows Use of Tax-Exempt Bonds with WIFIA Loans!

We are delighted to begin our 2016 weekly posts by reporting on a triumph for CWC and all those like us who are committed to greater funding for our nation’s water infrastructure! We devoted several 2015 posts to discussing our … Continue reading

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