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Good News on the Infrastructure Front:  Executive Council on Infrastructure Formed to Redress Funding Gap

In a positive development for water infrastructure funding, a new Executive Council on Infrastructure was recently formed with the purpose of formulating recommendations to help facilitate more private sector investment in U.S. infrastructure. The Council, part of the nonprofit Bipartisan Policy … Continue reading


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Survey Exposes Consumer Concerns About Water Infrastructure

A survey released in June by MWH Global, a global consulting firm focused on water and natural resources, finds that American consumers are concerned about water supply and water infrastructure issues in their communities. Significantly, two-thirds of Americans who responded said that their community should be spending more money to ensure that water infrastructure … Continue reading

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Help Us Spread the Word

As our subscribers know, Clean Water Weekly provides pertinent and timely information about America’s water infrastructure every Wednesday. We believe that our consistency, coupled with the growing recognition that action is desperately needed, have slowly helped grow our ranks and … Continue reading

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Contaminated Water from Aging Infrastructure Causing Health Problems

The Atlantic Magazine recently reported on an alarming trend:  serious health problems are arising in communities where old and failing pipes are resulting in the contamination of residents’ drinking water. The Atlantic article features residents of Flint, Michigan who became … Continue reading

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