Many States to Spend on Water Infrastructure in 2015

Our November 5 and 12, 2014 posts discussed the multitude of states that saw water infrastructure funding measures pass in the November elections. In those states where voters approved spending proposals, including California, Rhode Island, Florida and Maine, as well as in Texas, where a funding measure was approved in 2013, money will now be flowing in 2015. Here are some of the details:
The Texas Water Development Board will extend loans for the construction of new pipes, wells, reservoirs and treatment plants, from a $2 billion voter-approved fund. Applications for the first round of loans are due in February, and the loans will close by December.
The Florida Legislature also will be spending on water infrastructure this year, drawing from a fund designated for land and water conservation. The fund is predicted to generate between $10 billion and $20 billion for land purchases, and for infrastructure investments tied to improvements in water quality.
In Montana, legislators will consider a $336 million infrastructure package proposed by the Governor. About 16% of the package is dedicated to water, sewer and irrigation projects needed to address inadequate water and sewer grids in the eastern part of the state.
And the California Water Commission is preparing to spend some of the $7.5 billion in bond money that voters approved last fall. Governor Brown, as part of his budget proposal, has indicated that the first wave of that money will be allocated to, among other things, watershed restoration, water recycling projects, and water treatment and wastewater plant upgrades.
2015 will also see several states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas and Montana, finalizing water plans that were introduced in 2014. Both Arkansas and Colorado, for example, are proposing multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects, and in Maryland, the Governor has budgeted $1.5 billion in capital spending on water treatment facility improvements, among other infrastructure projects.
CWC will keep you updated on these state expenditures and plans, both here and on our website,; visit our “State by State” pages for more information.


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  1. The Pennsylvania funding initiative for 2015 you mentioned in your one article is merely the quarterly disbursement of federal SRF funds through the state’s PENNVEST agency. This is not new money from a new revenue source.

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